Renovation of a front brake caliper
(brake fluid leaking from the caliper)
French version

Tools : nothing special (spanner, screwdriver) but a compressor will be needed;
Level : Average
Cost : 15€ the brake caliper renovation kit
  • Start by removing the road wheel, always supporting the car on an axle stand.
  • Put a container ready to collect the brake fluid that will leak out.
  • Undo the connecting bolts (be carefull not to lose the two copper washers, one on either side of the end of the brake flexi).
  • Take off the caliper.
Démontage de l'étrier
  • The caliper once removed.
  • Now you can de-grease it.
étrier démonté
  • Block the first two pistons with a hammer.

Blocage de 2 pistons
  • Put the nozzle of the compressor in the flexi-hose hole.
  • Apply compressed air gently so as to slowly push out the piston (especially if you want to re-use the dust-cover).
  • Be careful not to leave your fingers between the caliper and the piston!
Sortir le piston doucement
  • Here the piston is completely out.
Piston sorti
  • Now clean the piston with de-greaser and a clean cloth.
  • If there are any rust spots remove them with grade 800 wet and dry paper using brake fluid.
Piston démonté


  • You can see the inside of the caliper - and the colour of the brake fluid...
  • Take out the old seal with a small screwdriver without scratching the cylinder bore.
  • Carefully de-grease the inside.

Interieur étrier


  • Put the new seal in, after having soaked it well in brake fluid.
  • Also cover the cylinder bore in brake fluid.
  • Put the piston back by pushing it firmly but don't ever force it
  • If the piston is slightly skewed, don't force it - take it out and start again.

Nouveau joint


  • Replace the dust-cover.
  • Do the two other pistons the same way.

Un piston de fait !


  • The caliper is as new!

etrier refait


  • Replace the brake shoes, the caliper, then the flexi connectors.
  • All that remains is to bleed the brakes (which is usually a 2-person job).


Thanks to Julien77 for this magnificent report, and many thanks to hoverfrog for this translation.