Changing the Clutch on a Niva 1.7 multipoint

French version

Text and photo : Pahn.

  • I started by making a centraliser in wood (broom handle) diameter 20 for 50 and diameter 14,8 for 22 cms.

  • Take the plastic centre console off, and disconnect the cigarette lighter.

  • Take the knobs off the gear levers and remove the boots.
  • Take the gear lever off, using a screw-driver to extract the white collar.

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Take off the air filter assembly.
  • Undo the bolts on the exhaust downpipe.
  • Take off the supports on the intake pipe.


  • Pull the starter towards the alternator.

  • Take out the front propshaft.
  • Disconnect the rear propshaft from the transfer box, and secure it to one side.

  • Disconnect the transfer box connections.

  • Disconnect the wire from the gearbox.

  • Take out the split pin from the clutch slave cylinder and its fixing bolts.

  • Put a jubilee clip round the rubber doughnut (between the gear-box and the transfer box).

  • Take off the anti-roll bar.

  • Take the protection off from under the catalytic converter, put the jack under the gearbox and take the crossbar off.

  • Take the three bolts out of the doughnut from the gearbox side.

  • Re-fit the gearbox cross-bar and put the jack under the transfer box.

  • Undo the chassis mountings and let the transfer box down.

  • Put the jack under the gearbox and take off the cross-bar.
  • Take out the two top bolts (the one on the starter side is a bit difficult to get to).
  • Take out the two lower bolts.
  • Take out the two bolts from the front axle protection.

  • Pull on the gearbox, let the jack down gently and disengage the gearbox.

  • Take off the clutch machanism.

    Put the new one in (use the centraliser for the new clutch disk).

  • Take off the clutch release bearing assembly from the back of the box and fit the new one, and there you have it - the clutch is replaced, all that remains is to reassemble in the reverse of disassembly.
  • Put the gearbox back and put a strap at the back through the tunnel opening (putting a bar across to pull on the strap).
  • Put back the four bolts on the bell-housing, put the transfer box back, and put the nuts on the silentblocs.
  • Put the jack under the gearbox
  • Put the bolts back on the doughnut.
  • Put the gearbox cross-bar back and also the starter, the anti-roll bar, the propshafts and the exhaust.
  • Reconnect all the wires, and above all... make sure you haven't forgotten anything.
Thanks to hoverfrog for this translation.