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Changing the rear brake shoes
- How to tell if the shoes need changing :
- Behind the drums there is a window, with a rubber bung. All you need to do is take out the bung to see the thickness of the shoes.
- Brake shoes can be found anywhere that sells car parts.
- As you can see on the photo, the same shoes are fitted on several vehicules .
- The time when one had to rivit the friction lining onto the shoes is over, nowadays they are sold in one piece.
- After having securely chocked the car, and put it on axle stands, let off the handbrake.
- From under the car, loosen the handbrake cable well.
- Drum removal.
- Sometimes they are very hard to remove, hence the interest of multiplying the drum extraction bolts.
- Compress the wheel cylinders with two tyre levers.
- Take off the top spring (there are special pliers for this, but it comes off easily enough with general pliers).
- take off the shoe steady spring cups. There is no need for tools to do this, they come off by hand.
- Once the top spring is removed and the steady springs taken out, undo the handbrake mechanism.
- The handbrake operating lever must be unhooked to attach it to the new shoe.
- Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Hint - hold the shoes with a wire so they don't fall out during the procedure.

Thanks to hoverfrog for this translation.