CV Joint Renovation
French version

To renovate CV joints, follow Fabrice's advice
  • The driveshaft removed from the car.

  • The two new boots, the new outer joint shield and two tubes of special CV grease.

  • 1- Take off the ties/clamps (carefully if you haven't any new ones !!!)

  • 2- Pull the old boot back towards the interior.
  • If it doesn't want to know, then use a screwdiver or cutters on it.

  • 3- Take out the cage - very carefully !
  • You must only strike against the balls' interior cage.
  • Be careful not to touch the balls or the cage.
  • Clamping the shaft in a vice makes it easy.

  • 4- Cleaning and disassembly of the cage (personally I use petrol, but that's dangerous...)

  • 5- Do the same on the other side.
  • 6- Disassembly of the bearing for cleaning and checking.
  • Using pliers, take out the circlip.

  • 7- Remove the bearing by changing the strike point each time (a third of a turn)

  • 8- Clean and check the bearing.

  • 9- Re-assembly of the cage and boot. Start by putting the boot on the shaft.

  • It's quite difficult, but we get there in the end (the relative elasticity of the boot...).

  • 10- Put roughly half the tube of grease into the cage.

  • 11- Put the cage back in place and put the other half of the grease in the boot.
  • Just the weight of the shaft on the workbench is enough to put it back.

  • 12- Close up by tightening the ties/clamps well.

  • 13- Same for the joint shield and the second boot.

  • 13 Repeat ;-)

  • 14- Finished !

Thanks to Fabrice for this superbe and complete report, and thanks to hoverfrog for this translation.